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What's in Your Heart?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

What is in your heart?

Our physical heart has four chambers We have two upper chambers (the atria) and two lower chambers (the ventricles). Walls protect and divide our hearts, anatomically and metaphorically. Valves open and close like doors, allowing in, and shutting out, what keeps us alive. Heart strings are real (chordae tendinae), anchoring heart valves to heart muscle, and attaching our brains to our emotions in metaphor. What might you place in your four chambers? Consider your compartments of passions, interests and desires. Do you LOVE drawing plants? Is there a chamber for chordates, and one for watercolor? Where is the outdoors? Maybe everything nature fills your largest chamber and pumps into creating illustrations.

Or do music and children open your doors to creativity? What do you love? I've created a worksheet for you. Fill it up, erase, change, use ink, make another. Draw your own version. Keep for yourself, share with your group. Post here under "comments". Share on social media with #WhatsInMyheart #ScientificIllustrationDistanceProgram @gretchen.halpert

Here is my version.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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