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                                                                             Scientific Illustration Distance Program








Time zone-




Preferred meeting time: 1:00pm ET ____   7:00pm ET____  No preference ____


Please tell me a bit about yourself and your interests. For example:

your background in art, science, or other field;  your interest in scientific illustration (professional or personal goals in this field; hobby; improve skills).



What Session are you interested in? (I, II, or III. Note: Session IV is reserved for those enrolled in the full program.) OR a special class offering.



Please send examples of your work via email or DropBox, or direct me to your website. This helps me assess your current skills and determine how I can best serve you.



How did you hear about this program?



Do you have questions?


Once I receive your application, we will communicate through email and discuss placement and payment options. Please do not send payment at this time.

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