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                                                                             Scientific Illustration Distance Program








Time zone-




Preferred meeting time: 1:00pm ET ____   7:00pm ET____  No preference ____


Please tell me a bit about yourself and your interests. For example:

your background in art, science, or other field;  your interest in scientific illustration (professional or personal goals in this field; hobby; improve skills).



What Session are you interested in? (I, II, or III. Note: Session IV is reserved for those enrolled in the full program.)



Please send examples of your work via email or DropBox, or direct me to your website. This helps me assess your current skills and determine how I can best serve you.



How did you hear about this program?



Do you have questions?


Once I receive your application, we will communicate through email and discuss placement and payment options. Please do not send payment at this time.

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