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About Me

I have loved and combined art, science, and teaching throughout my professional life.

Art, from exposure, and from being encouraged to draw. "Go draw."

Science, through love of nature, from being allowed to "go outside and play".

Teaching came later, when a colleague at RISD/CE said, "We need someone to teach medical

illustration. Do you know anyone?"  I was immediately hooked on sharing everything I knew.


My professional background in brief:

-Graduate of Portland High School (Portland, Maine)

-BA in botany, Connecticut College

-Graduate studies in biological illustration, University of New Haven

-Certificate in Scientific and Technical Illustration, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)/CE

-Instructor in the Sci/Tech certificate program at RISD/CE for 14 years

-Clinical teaching associate and co-director of Art and Medicine, Brown University, 6 years

-Molecular and cell biologist at Yale University (1 year) and Rhode Island Hospital (24 years)

-Freelance scientific illustrator since 1988

-Middle school art teacher at the Alternative School for Math and Science, Corning, NY (2 years)

-Past president of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, Inc., and recipient of the GNSI Distinguished Service Award

-Owner and director of the Scientific Illustration Distance Program since January 2014

For a full résumé, go to It lists science, art, teaching, publications, exhibitions, and more than anyone needs to know.




Why distance learning? Because there is an interest and a need, and because I love to share knowledge.   Science  Art  Education

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