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Who Wants My Science Illustrations?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022


Below is one slide from "What is Scientific Illustration?" a powerpoint I use to introduce students to the field. Those employing science and nature can often use an illustration.

Most these users are self-evident, but some can use further explanation:

-Drug/pharmaceutical industry hires illustrators to explain their product on inserts and packaging.

-Commercial products/Advertising-think botanical illustrations on packaging for teas, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. What about greeting cards, clothing, bags, and whatever you can think of.

-Medical schools and journals have obvious uses for illustrations showing dissections, normal and abnormal anatomy, surgical techniques, etc.. Malpractice lawyers use illustrations, often 3-D animations, to demonstrate what happens when, for example, a client suffers a work-related injury or sustains whiplash from a driver behind them checking their email.

You can find uses for scientific illustrations everywhere. Or create a need.

Sketchbook drawings for RWP Zoo trail

Above: Sketchbook style drawings for the RWP Zoo Wetlands Trail.

Below: Removal of adrenal tumor showing procedural instruments being used for journal publication.

Removal of Adrenal Tumor

Feel free to comment and add other markets for scientific illustrations.

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