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Graphite and Ink. Repetition. Gratitude. News. November Newsletter

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Did you participate in Inktober? If so, you may have noticed that producing a drawing daily, no matter how simple or complex, just the mere repetition of the act, became habit. Comfortable. Non-threatening. Your drawings improved or took you to new places. Perhaps you want to develop your pen and ink skills. You are invited to join us in January.

Thank you. At this time of year, when holidays are upon us (Thanksgiving in the US) and wild turkeys gather in my fields, we connect with family and friends and consider our fortunes. One of my fortunes is the SIDP. I am thankful for all the wonderful students who have passed through this program, generously sharing their skills and enthusiasm. I am grateful to those who support and promote this program so those who wish to take classes in science illustration know we exist.


Upcoming Exhibitions I'll be showing medical illustrations at UNE, habitats at RMSC, and natural history in Trumansburg

"The House of the Soul", University of New England Art Gallery, Portland, ME. February 17-June 14, 2020. Opening reception February 21. Group show. "The House of the Soul will present medical/anatomical drawing in dialog with artwork focusing on the body in a more extended sense, to examine the divergent and sometimes contradictory communicative aims of each visual artifact." UNE "Life in the Waters of the Finger Lakes", Rochester Museum and Science Center/Cumming Nature Center, Naples, NY. February-March, 2020. GNSI-Finger Lakes group exhibition of what lives beneath the waters of our local lakes. Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts, Trumansburg, NY. February 22-April 4, 2020. Opening reception February 22. GNSI-Finger Lakes group exhibition of artwork drawn from nature. Internship Congratulations to Becky Duncan who completed the SIDP with a Session IV internship of veterinary illustrations! Best wishes to the five students planning to complete theirs in 2020! Student artwork Fresh student artwork will be appearing on the SIDP website gallery by December 1. Come have a look!

Winter Classes Begin January 2020 Session I- Graphite

Mondays, January 6-March 9, 2019 1:00 or 7:00 EST

This course builds drawing skills using graphite. We cover perspective, proportion, rendering textures, scientific conventions, lighting, transferring drawings, scanning, uploading and preparing artwork, video conferencing, professional and business practices. All inclusive. Beginning and intermediate students.

Session II- Pen and Ink

Wednesdays, January 8-March 11, 2019 1:00 or 7:00 EST

Pen and ink is a long-standing traditional media for scientific illustration. This course includes: crow quill, media techniques, composition, scratchboard, anatomy, professional practices, final projects, handouts, tutorials, live video conferencing and email. All inclusive.

Classes and fees are listed on the website

Application forms-on the website or contact me

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