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Fall Classes and Leaves

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Teachers are constantly giving and sharing what they know, often telling students what may have taken them years to figure out. What do we get in return? So much.

Liriodendron by Ehret

Teaching allows us to consolidate our knowledge and pass it on, where it can be used, and often improved upon. We meet inspired and inspiring students, many of whom become colleagues and lifelong friends.

We also learn ourselves, through teaching and giving lectures, that push us to gain more knowledge. Do you have a subject you want to know more about? Accept an invitation to speak. No invitations? Respond to a call for presentations at a conference, or offer to speak to your favorite local organization. You may regret it at times ("Why did I say "yes"?! ) but, ultimately, the reward worth the effort.

Fall classes

Session I- Graphite

Mondays, September 9-November 11, 2019

This course builds drawing skills using graphite. We cover perspective, proportion, rendering textures, scientific conventions, lighting, and transferring drawings, introduce pen and ink, scanning, uploading and preparing artwork, video conferencing. Professional and business practices. All inclusive. Beginning and intermediate students.

Session III-Color Wednesdays, September 11-November 13, 2019 1:00 or 7:00 EST This course is devoted to developing expertise in color media and composition. Watercolor, colored pencil, digital options, advanced compositions and projects, info-graphics, professional practices, preparation for internships. Includes all handouts, tutorials, video conferencing. Open to students who have completed Sessions I and II, repeat students, or advanced students with permission.



Leaves are crucial to our existence: we eat them, breathe the oxygen they make, and botanical illustrators draw them, often struggling to do so accurately. This lecture offers some anatomy, physiology, and drawing methods.

LuEster T. Mertz Library, Bronx, NY

September 6, 2019, 11:00-12:00.

Grapes by Mrs. Augusta Withers

Image credits: top-Liriodendron by Georg Dionysius Ehret. Bottom-Grapes by Mrs. Augustus Withers

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