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About the SIDP

Scientific Illustration may be defined as art in the service of science, visual communication, or science communication. A scientific illustrator strives to develop proficiency in both the art and in the science being illustrated. Through well-designed drawing and observation assignments, students develop aesthetically pleasing and accurate depictions of science and nature. 

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Skills Students Learn

  • Traditional studio techniques

  • Concepts

        Light, Form, Value, Composition, Infographics,                Observation

  • Media

        Graphite, Pen and Ink, Scratchboard, Watercolor,            Colored Pencil, Mixed media

  • Digital Skills required to submit, edit, add text

  • Subject matter-how to choose from all branches of science and nature

  • Drawing from life and reference material

  • How to develop artwork from research to rendering

Logistics and Fees

This program is comprised of four ten-week sessions.

Fuller class descriptions are described on Upcoming Classes.

Session I covers the application of light, form, value, composition, and accurate drawing in graphite.

Session II advances to more complex techniques with pen and ink.


Session III focuses on color, specific projects, and allows digital media.


Session IV 
is an internship or independent study.


Portfolio pieces are produced in each Session. Students completing the program receive a certificate of completion.

Each course is 10 weeks, with weekly lessons, homework, personal feedback on each assignment, and demonstrations or tutorials. Students may choose subject matter tailored to their interests. Weekly video conferences allow students to interact and listen to each other’s critiques. Reference materials are supplied and additional books or reference materials may be suggested.


Tuition is $1190 for the ten weeks.

Payment plans are available upon request.

Participants may elect to take one or all sessions. Internships and certificates are reserved for students enrolled in the full program.

Student reviews are available on the Testimonials page.

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