Four Upcoming Classes in 2015!

All Sessions run 10 weeks Session I September 21, 2015-November 23, 2015. 7:00pm EDT (New York time) Basics, graphite, perspective, proportion, scientific conventions, lighting, textures, transfering, scanning, handouts, tutorials, live video conferencing Session II September 16, 2015-November 18, 2015, 7:00pm EDT Pen and ink, crowquill, technique, composition, editorial, scratchboard, anatomy, professional practices, final projects, handouts, tutorials, live video conferencing Session III August 11-October 13, 2015 7:00pm EDT Watercolor, digital options, advanced compositions and projects, final projects, preparation for internships/independent studies, handouts, tutorials, live video

Field Sketching

The seasons are changing. Do you have the desire to document what is happening in your backyard? Or are you traveling, and wish to capture your observations and experiences? Here is my travel sketch kit. I take this into my backyard and across the continents. This was published in the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators Journal. The GNSI is the best organization of its kind!

Artists' Copyrights in Jeopardy

Do you care about your rights as an artist? posted July 15, 2015 I make sure that all my work, and that of my students, is watermarked and copyrighted. Students do not record our video conferences or take screen shots without permission, to protect the rights of their classmates. I record classes and make them available for students only, with password protection and inability to download and share. (They may watch the classes as often as they want on Vimeo. Vimeo respects artists' rights.) This may all change, as current copyright laws are being challenged. Artists Alert: From the Illustrators Partnership The Return of Orphan Works: "The Next Great Copyright Act" Please cut and paste this a