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Here is the place to see and be seen.  

Students from all Sessions, skill levels, and stages of their studies are displayed here.


From value studies to finished final projects;

graphite; pen and ink; scratchboard; watercolor; and digital media-students follow lesson plans and develop their skills. 

Over a hundred images are displayed.


Students who have chosen to exhibit are

listed alphabetically:


Melynda Amann

Lynsi Boyd

Daria Chrobok

Gordon Dan

Sophie Delesque

Deborah Duffy

Becky Duncan

Linda Evans

Peter Green

Rita Halpert

K. Hansen

Edith H. Harte

Valerie Hayes

Charon Henning

Alice Marie Hill

Tatjana Hirschmugl

Molly Hoopes

Beatriz Inglessis

Margarita Jurak

Amy Johnson

Kelly Kratzing

Tessa Kraus

Raymond Lee

Ren Logocki

Suzanne Matheson

Annie Martin

Kimberly McCarthy

Corinne McConnell

Kristin Mobley

Premee Mohamed

Jennifer OKeefe

Natalie Rey

Joely Rogers

Scott Rufolo

Deblina Basu Sain

Laura Sohl-Smith

Jaime Sorenson

Konstantina Stavropoulou

Melissa Stimpfle

Mary Stockard

Susan Sylvester

Elvire Thouvenot-Nitzan

Prabhadevi Venkataramani

Nanci Worthington



Students in the SIDP have hailed from

Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark,

France, India, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, Venezuela.


Note: all work is copyrighted by the artist



Konstantina Stavropoulou

Session II Bumblebee (Bombus sp) pen and ink